Remove Line Breaks

Online tool for removing line breaks from text and html. It automatically removes line breaks and preserves paragraph breaks.

A free online tool that Removes Line Breaks. A very handy online tool for Removing all abnormally inserted line breaks.


This tool is really useful if you've ever got information that was written in a narrow section with interrupted line breaks at the end of each line, such as content from an e-mail or copying and pasting material from a PDF document with alignment, word wrapping, or line break issues. Any source may be used, whether it is taken from a PDF column, an email with errors, an Instagram post, etc. The line breaks in your material will be automatically removed by this programme.

The choice to just eliminate all line breaks without keeping paragraph breaks is also available (usually double line breaks).  If you're copying material from a strange text format, such as a PDF, where the word wrapping and violent line breaks are causing issues, utilize this application instead of spending hours manually deleting line breaks.

How to Eliminate Line Breaks Using world-web's Free Tool

  • Put line-broken text in the input box by typing, copying, or uploading it.
  • Select the "Remove Line Breaks only" button or the "Remove Line Breaks and paragraph breaks" button as per your choice.
  • Then hit the format button to get the output text box's text without any line breaks.

Simply click "Copy to Clipboard" after creating content, or choose all transformed text and hit "Control-C" to copy it, after which "Control-V" to drag and drop it back into your project. If you're pasting material such as a PDF with an unusual textual format where the word loop and violent line breaks are creating difficulties, employ this tool since spending hours manually deleting line breaks stinks.

You may reduce the waste line breaks from your word docs with world-web's online line break removal tool. It eliminates repeated or cloned lines. Here, you may search for and edit a specific phrase or word from your text. With a single click, you can replace any phrase with new text.You must input the term and select the delete option if you would like to remove any word.

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